Are you the right fit for us?

Our core business is direct marketing. We help customers to acquire new customers and optimize their existing customer base. This requires working with data and information in order to segment the relevant target groups in the best possible way.

Our job profiles flow out of our vision statement, and are mainly based in the areas of sales, product management, and operations. Our clients include some of Germany’s top companies as well as international corporations. We are the German market leaders in many of our areas of activity.

In the area of sales and customer management, we are looking for marketing professionals with strong backgrounds in consultancy and service, who know their way around both traditional and new advertising channels and who are familiar with the reach available on the market. Typically, colleagues in this field have commercial training with a specialization in marketing. Basic knowledge of statistics and a high affinity for digital advertising channels are advantageous.

In the area of product management and operations, our services are undergoing constant further development. In these areas we need analysts, statisticians, geographers, process specialists, and IT professionals. The main focus here is the handling of large quantities of data and the management of complex processing operations. In this area, you may have qualifications in an area such as IT sales, statistics or business IT. What is important is to always remain focused on the challenges faced by our customers.

All job profiles at times offer opportunities for beginners and professionals. We are also glad to offer interns and working students opportunities to gain professional experience.

I would be happy to advise you personally!

Peter Schneider


Head of HR

+49 5241 80-70800

+49 5241 80-9317

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